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Welcome to our Ethnic Gourmet, where flavors and passion get blended, and everyone can be their own master, innovating with new ingredients and experimenting new sensations. We enjoy surprising our friends with a delightful meal, and we know that, whether we are following a recipe or our instincts, the result will always be full of flavor. Welcome to our ethnic, where everyone has the same favorite ingredient. A must in every dish. An ingredient with a strong personality, brightness and aroma. An ingredient called QORI.


Our oil is born in the land occupied by the ancient Incas civilizations, hence its name, Qori, meaning GOLD in their language, Quechua. Qori is a bold oil, an essential ingredient to transform any dish into a surprise to the palate. Let go of all rules and limitations and cook with your instinct and trust its aroma and flavor.

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Qori is a fresh, fruity oil with a balance of bitter and spicy. It presents notes of apple, freshly cut grass and green almond. It corresponds to the gourmet line of our production, located in the Limari Valley Region of Coquimbo, Chile. Our oils are packaged in two formats: 500cc and 250cc.

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It is produced in the Limari Valley, a fertile and virgin land, rich in nutrients and minerals. Our land is irrigated with pure water from the Andes mountains, and worked with the warm climate that gives it unique qualities that impregnate every dish with personality. All these conditions, in addition to rain water shortages, are maximized to harvest and process, in no more than 4 hours, the fruit in its ideal point.

Qori is produced in a mill located in the same orchard, with optimum quality standards to achieve the best oil. The varieties of olives used allow for the achievement of an original blend of aromas and flavors that awaken sensations that invite you to innovate in the kitchen.

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